Terms and conditions of sale

The offer and the sale of the products through the website www.albertengo.net are governed by these terms and conditions of sale.

The products purchased on the website www.albertengo.net are sold directly by the company Albertengo Snc , entered in the Register if Companies in Cuneo, based in Torre San Giorgio, Via Cardè 9, VAT: 02704370044, which carries out its e-commerce activity directly to customers.

Customers should carefully read these terms and conditions of sale before making any purchase on this website.

1. Purchase order and conclusion of the contract
In order to conclude the purchase successfully products on the website www.albertego.net you must fill in the order form and sent it electronically to Albertengo snc following the given instructions.
The order form will be present in our database only for the necessary time to complete the order.
The sale contract will and when Albertengo Snc will receive the payment from the client.
Once the contract is ended the company Albertengo snc will send the client, via e-mail, the confirmation of the order.
The goods will be delivered within 10 working-days after payment.

2. Product features
Every product on the website www.albertengo.net has its image and technical data sheet, in which all the ingredients are listed.

3. Prices
In the prices on the website www.albertengo.net VAT is included but transport costs are excluded.

3.1 Shipping Charges


       For orders of expenditure up to € 75.00 is applied by way of freight charges, a flat fee of € 9,50 / 5,50.
       For all orders over € 75.00 shipping charges are to be borne of Albertengo Snc.

For orders up to 2 pieces: € 13.00
        For orders from 3 to 6 pieces: € 15.00
        For orders more than 7 pieces: € 10.00

For orders up to 2 pieces: € 13.00
        For orders from 3 to 6 pieces: € 15.00
        For orders more than 7 pieces: € 10.00

For orders up to 2 pieces: € 16.00
        For orders from 3 to 6 pieces: € 19.00
        For orders more than 7 pieces: € 13.00

For orders up to 2 pieces: € 18.00
        For orders from 3 to 6 pieces: € 22.00
        For orders more than 7 pieces: € 17.00

For orders up to 2 pieces: € 32.00
        For orders from 3 to 6 pieces: € 45.00
        For orders more than 7 pieces: € 90.00

For orders up to 2 pieces: € 40.00
        For orders from 3 to 6 pieces: € 46.00
        For orders more than 7 pieces: € 50.00

4. Payment
You can only pay by:
- Credit card, making sure that you register with our bank partner UNICREDIT , you also have to write the name of the owner of the card, card number, expiration date and secure code of the card.
The order will be successfully concluded only when Albertnego.net website will reappear again on your screen. BE CAREFUL careful not to close Unicredit browser window or the order will be cancelled.
The customer will receive the confirmation of payment by mail.
Albertengo Snc will receive only the communication of payment provided by the manager of the credit card.

The followings card are accepted:
Visa - Visa Electron - Mastercard - Maestro - Postepay - American Express

Be Careful! No data transfer (credit card number, security code) will be registered by Albertengo Snc, because we don’t have acces to bank information.

5. Delivery
Delivery is made by MAIL BOXES ETC.
Delivery time is from 3 to 5 working days for shipping in Italy and from 5 to 7 days for other countries.
For shipping direct abroad, for large quantities, delivery times may vary from 5/10 working days..
The goods will be delivered exactly at the address indicated in the order form.
The ordered goods are covered by Albertengo insurance.
Please check the number of items. If they result non to be correct please immediately inform the carrier.
All the products shown on the website www.albertengo.net are available unless otherwise explicitly stated.

6. Withdrawal
According to the law D. Lgs. 06.09.2005 n. 206, the client has the right to cancel the order and send back the products within 10 working days by a written communication through registered letter to the company Albertengo Snc.
The communication can also be sent within the same time limits, by the following: telegram, telex, mail and fax.
You must send back the products to Albertengo snc by courier within 10 working days after the receipt of the goods.
The client has to pay shipment costs for the goods no longer wanted.
Albertengo snc will pay back the client by bank transfer as soon as possible snc within 30 working days starting from the date of the withdrawal.
The products must be returned undamaged in their original packaging.

7. Substitution and complaints
For complaints or request for substitutions of products, contact us at the following address: resi@albertengo.net.
If the products seems to be damaged or not suitable, the clients can contact Albertengo Snc about the damaged goods.
Informing us we will send to you a carrier to pick up the damaged goods and shipment costs will be pay Albertengo Snc.
Albertengo will check the damage of the products and will substitute the damaged one with a new product as soon as possible.

8. Personal Privacy
The website "www.albertengo.net" is accessible and navigable anonymously.
All product’s data sheets are freely available.
You must register only when you decide to purchase.
At that point it will be asked only the personal data necessary to deliver the order.